VIDEOSCOPE-XT - Explosion Proof Borescope, MIL-STD-810G Tested, UL Certified for Class I Division 2, ATEX Certificate
Explosion Proof Videoscope

Videoscopes with Explosion Proof Certification

VIDEOSCOPE-XT - Explosion Proof Videoscope

The VIDEOSCOPE-XT is the premier videoscope for hazardous locations, particularly explosive environments. Rated by UL, ATEX and tested to MIL-STD-810G, it is available in multiple diameters from 3mm up to 8mm and lengths up to 33 feet (10m). 

With more than a thousand units sold, explosion proof VIDEOSCOPE-XT is ideal for military, police, and forensic applications, gas compression, the oil and gas markets, aviation and aerospace industries, as well as other traditional applications where safety is a concern. The 8mm VIDEOSCOPE-XT explosion proof borescope camera, with dual distal end illumination, is more 30% brighter than any videoscope on the market.

Product Highlights:

  • Tested Under MIL-STD-810G method 511.6 (explosive environment)
  • UL Certified for Class I Division 2 Hazardous Locations (Class 1 Division 2, Class 1 Div 2, Class I Div 2, Class I Div II, Class 1 Div II)
  • ATEX Certificate of Conformity for Group II Category 3 Equipment Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directive 2014/34/EU
  • Safe, Cold Fiber Optic illumination supplied via LED in the handle eliminates potential for spark in Explosive Environments & Hazardous Locations

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Video Borescopes

More Unique Videoscope Product Lines

Small Diameter Probes, Dual Camera View, Working Channel, Measurements, Foreign Object Debris Removal

Videoscopes with Small Diameter Probes

XLED PRO - 2.4mm Videoscope

This IT Concepts XLED PRO videoscope is the world’s smallest, most functional videoscope. This product line up is Ideal for castings, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and manufacturing applications throughout industry. Paired with the X-Capture Video Hub, it offers still image and video storage, Wi-Fi capability and USB data transfer. High capacity on board storage, image enhancement and a modular platform make the XLED PRO Videoscopes the most versatile instruments for the visual Inspection market.

Available in both direct and side viewing, with diameters from 2.4mm to 6mm and with lengths to 7.5 meters, it serves a multitude of inspection requirements. The scalable X-Capture Hub supports multiple XLED PRO videoscope diameters and lengths as the ideal solution for diversified inspection requirements.

Applications for the XLED PRO videoscopes are limitless:

  • In castings at foundries they are ideal for identifying blockages, inclusions, excess material, sand, scarring and burns 
  • Check the machine finishes post-process and save time and money during in-process inspections
  • View cross-over holes, injector ports, spark plug holes and air passages with high resolution optics coupled to the X-Capture for data management and image enhancement capability
  • Share data internally via Wi-Fi communication live image streaming or exchange data via the integral USB port
  • Choose the optimum diameters based on your unique application needs
  • Modular kits allow for multiple videoscopes and probes to be easily interchangeable, enhancing videoscope inspection capabilities while streamlining your inventories and reducing costs

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XLED PRO - 2.4mm Videoscope, Small Diameter Borescope

Videoscopes with DUAL VIEW Technology

DUAL VIEW Videoscope

The revolutionary DUAL VIEW videoscope (also referred to as dual lens, dual camera borescope) not only reduces equipment inventories but streamlines processes and saves money by reducing inspection times. It is a new and faster way to perform your everyday inspections. Unlike traditional videoscopes, this videoscope sees both directly ahead, side view or both directions simultaneously, without the need for a tip adapter change. 

Includes many common applications are well served with a no tip change direct and side viewing videoscope::

  • Weld and tubing inspection of chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing pipes, heat exchangers and boilers: direct view to locate the target then, with a simple touch of the menu function, switch to side view to look directly on the weld for detailed view of the color, tail and pitting
  • Aviation and stationary turbines: ideal for inspection of turbines and compressors, inspect the rotor path and quickly switch to side view for a view between the vanes to secondary stages of blades
  • Castings: easily inspect for blockages directly ahead and switch to view cross over and through holes 

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Videoscopes with Working Channel

Working Channel Videoscope

IT Concepts has introduced an 8mm diameter Working Channel Videoscope. Complete with accessories to accomplish all you need in-situ working needs. This videoscope is configured with an internal channel, 1.8mm ID as standard (may be up to 3.8mm ID in a 12mm OD videoscope), provides FOD (Foreign Object Debris) retrieval, magnet retrieval, vacuum retrieval for dust and particles and a comparison tool for scalar measurement. Collect and remove bolts, nuts, wire, and other materials during your videoscope inspection process. 

The range of tools includes: 

  • Alligator grasping jaw
  • Magnet (lifts 2 lbs)
  • Method for in-situ delivery FPI inspection fluids
  • Vacuum system for FOD removal
  • Measuring tool to quantify defects or FOD for removal
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iRIS DVR X WC - Working Channel Videoscope

Videoscopes, Borescopes, Flexible Fiberscopes, Rigid Borescopes, Borescope Accessories, and Image Bundles

  • Explosion Proof Borescopes
  • Small (2mm) Diameter Borescopes 
  • Working Channel (WC) Borescopes with Tools
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Illumination Borescopes
  • Infrared (IR) Illumination Borescopes
  • Blue Light Borescopes
  • Wireless/Wi-Fi Borescopes
  • Red Line Borescopes
  • Interchangeable Probes Borescopes
  • Interchangeable Scopes Borescopes
  • Interchangeable Lens Borescopes
  • Dual View Borescopes
  • Smart Focus Borescopes
  • Dual Focus (Near to Infinity) Borescopes
  • Regular and Stereo Probe Measurement Borescopes
  • Mobile, Portable, Stationary, Combinable & Expandable, Compact & Modular Borescopes, Videoscopes & Fiberscopes


VIDEOSCOPE-XT Explosion Proof Videoscope


Explosion Proof Videoscope

Probe Diameter: 3 - 8mm
Length: 1.5 - 10.0m

XLED PRO Small Diameter 2.4mm Videoscope


Small Diameter 2.4mm Videoscope

Probe Diameter: 2.4 - 6mm
Length: 1.0 - 7.5m 

iRIS X PRO DUAL VIEW Dual View System Compact Videoscope


Dual View System Compact Videoscope
Probe Diameter: 4 - 6mm
Length: 1.5 - 7.5m

iRIS DVR X WC Working Channel Compact Videoscope


Working Channel Compact Videoscope

Probe Diameter: 4 - 6mm
Length: 1.5 - 7.5m

XLED PRO DUAL VIEW Dual View System Modular Videoscope


Dual View System Modular Videoscope
Probe Diameter: 4 - 6mm
Length: 1.5 - 7.5m

iRIS 7 PRO Compact Videoscope


Compact Videoscope
Probe Diameter: 4 - 8mm
Length: 1.5 - 7.5m 
iRIS X PRO Compact Videoscope


Compact Videoscope

Probe Diameter: 4 - 6mm 
Length: 1.5 - 7.5m 

iLED PRO Modular Videoscope


Modular Videoscope

Probe Diameter: 4 - 8mm
Length: 1.5 - 7.5m 

XLED 3 Modular Videoscope


Modular Videoscope

Probe Diameter: 3 - 4mm
Length: 1.0 - 3.0m 

iRis DVR 5 Compact Videoscope

iRis DVR 5

Compact Videoscope

Probe Diameter: 4 - 8mm
Length: 1.5 - 7.5m

iRis DVR X Compact Videoscope

iRis DVR X

Compact Videoscope

Probe Diameter: 4 - 6mm
Length: 1.5 - 7.5m

iLED System Modular Videoscope

iLED System

Modular Videoscope

Probe Diameter: 4 - 8mm
Length: 1.5 - 7.5m

iFlex Flexible Articulating Fiberscope


Flexible Articulating Fiberscope

Probe Diameter: 2.4 - 8mm
Length: 0.4 - 2.7m

EF Fiberscope Cost-effective Articulating Fiberscope

EF Fiberscope

Cost-effective Articulating Flexible Fiberscope

Probe Diameter: 2.4 - 6mm
Length: 0.7 - 1.3m

Industrial Line Rigid, Semi-rigid or Semi-flexible Borescope

Industrial Line

Rigid, Semi-rigid (Semi-flexible)
Probe Diameter: 1.9 - 9mm

Length: 0.175 - 0.945m 

Industrial Line Rigid, Semi-rigid or Semi-flexible Borescope

Fiber Optic Image Bundle

Leached Glass Fiber Image Bundle/Guide
Bundle Diameter0.38 - 1.4mm

Length: 0.54 - 3m 

Fiberscope and Borescope Accessories Flexible Fiberscopes and Rigid Borescopes Light Sources, Borescope Cameras, Side View Tips, Imaging Hubs

Fiberscope and Borescope Accessoties and Parts

For Flexible Fiberscopes, Rigid Borescopes, and VIdeoscopes

Light Sources, Borescope & Fiberscope Cameras, Side View Tips, Tip Adapters, Imaging Hubs, Storage and Transportation Cases 

Videoscopes and Borescope Cameras Compact or Modular Design

All Products

Videoscopes, Flexible Fiberscopes,
Rigid Borescopes 

Probe Diameter: 1.9 - 9mm

Probe Length: 1.5 - 7.5m,
up to 10 - 20m (custom configurations) 

Explosion Proof Borescope Camera, Explosion Proof Videoscope, Videoscopes and Borescope Cameras 
Probe Diameters: 2mm (2.4mm) Videoscope, 3mm Videoscope, 4mm Videoscope, 6mm Videoscope, 8mm Videoscope 
Working Lengths: 1.5m - 7.5m, up to 10m - 15m (custom configurations)

Flexible Fiberscopes 
Probe Diameters: 2.4mm Fiberscope, 3.5mm Fiberscope, 4mm Fiberscope, 6mm Fiberscope, 8mm Fiberscope 
Working Lengths: 0.4m - 2.7m

Rigid, Semi-rigid or Semi-flexible Borescopes 
Probe Diameters: 1.9mm Borescope, 2.7mm Borescope, 4mm Borescope, 6mm Borescope, 8mm Borescope, 9mm Borescope 
Working Lengths: 0.175m - 0.945m

Videoscopes and Borescope Cameras, Flexible Fiberscopes, Rigid Borescopes

Videoscopes and Borescope Cameras. Probe Diameters: 2mm (2.4mm) Videoscope, 3mm Videoscope, 4mm Videoscope, 6mm Videoscope, 8mm Videoscope. Working Lengths: 1.5m - 7.5m, up to 10m – 15m (custom configurations). Flexible Fiberscopes. Probe Diameters: 2.4mm Fiberscope, 3.5mm Fiberscope, 4mm Fiberscope, 6mm Fiberscope, 8mm Fiberscope. Working Lengths: 0.4m - 2.7m. Rigid, Semi-rigid or Semi-flexible Borescopes. Probe Diameters: 1.9mm Borescope, 2.7mm Borescope, 4mm Borescope, 6mm Borescope, 8mm Borescope, 9mm Borescope. Working Lengths: 0.175m - 0.945m.

Applications and Industries


Power Markets & Hazardous Environments

Original pictures from the practice of different industries


and where...

Original pictures from the practice of different industries

Small DIAMETER Videoscopes Images

Unique 2.4mm Videoscope Diameter


EIOS - one software controls everything

With the new PRO-SERIES, the new documentation platform forms the center of each video endoscope system. 

EIOS - the self-explanatory software can be operated completely intuitively via the touch display. All PRO-SERIES endoscopes are controlled by it. The software has various functions to optimally evaluate and archive the acquired data, as well as to forward or transfer it via USB or wireless. 


The switchable full-screen mode.

See More Information At Once

Provides even more visibility of the inspection image.


Stored images are compared with the live image to detect changes in the inspection object.


Dual Scope
0°-view and 90°-view simultaneously. 


For multifarious requirements (6mm and 8mm probe diameters) 

Smart Focus

Field of View, Aperture Values, Working Distance


Close and far focus by rotating the lens

Get the best picture with the right lens. The easily interchangeable lenses are screwed into the probe head (without lengthening it). This allows the working distance to be individually adjusted.


DUAL Focus

Dual Vision Technology


Dual Camera Imaging: Two switchable imagers provide views of near and far focus. No need for electronic zoom - simply move the scope closer for a more detailed view. Full screen options for either sensor. Maintain full sensor resolution at increased magnification with the touch of an on-screen button. NO tip changes or retracting the videoscope from the environment.

  • Quicker Inspections 
  • No Tip Change 
  • No Relocating Defects 
  • More Detailed Inspections 
Near Focus: 3mm - 14mm
Far Focus: 12mm - infinity 

  • 7" High Resolution Display 
  • Touchscreen Menu 
  • Still Image and Video Storage 
  • Split Screen Viewing 
  • Seamless Zoom 
  • Image Markers 
  • Text Annotation 
  • High Capacity Internal HD 
  • USB Export 
Dual LED’s: Adjustable Illumination. Complete Image Field Coverage.



Dual Lens, Dual Camera Technology


0° and 90° - View simultaneously from 4mm diameter

The side-mounted 90° camera is located directly at the distal end. Thus, dual vision is achieved without delay. The distal end is extremely short due to the compact design and therefore has the best possible navigation characteristics.


Dual Lens, Dual Camera Technology

Dual View Videoscope Functionality Summary

  • High definition 7” Touch Screen display (800 X 480) 
  • Simultaneous direct and side viewing 
  • Split screen viewing or dedicated to either direction 
  • Zoom: Either camera .5X to 3X in .5X increments, 1.5X on dual view screen 
Rigid Distal Length of camera head comparison (6mm diameter):
  • 28mm - Dual View Videoscope 
  • 21mm – Standard Direct viewing DVR X 
  • 28mm – 6mm DVR XA with side view adapter 
  • 27mm - iRis DVR 5 (CCD imager) 

Optical Characteristics

  • Depth of field: 7-50mm direct and side or 7-50mm direct, 5-12mm side (tube/pipe applications) 
  • Dedicated directional and variable intensity LED’s illumination (independently adjustable) located in the distal tip Image 
  • Storage: Video (MPEG4 - .avi) and still image (JPEG - .jpg or BMP - .bmp) 
  • Camera Storage Mode: direct, side or both on split screen 
  • Battery life: approximately 85% of standard DVR X videoscopes utilizing same battery 
  • Improved (rubber) battery compartment seal 
  • Live mode with intuitive multilingual menu Internal memory and USB mass storage 
  • Grid, circle, line, marker 
  • Mechanical insertion tube properties: identical to DVR X

Individually prepared for your needs


All you need to know to make your product selection 
more informed and effective